Sep 2011

Infected Mushroom Interview with Magnetic Magazine

Tacos and Insanity: A Spicy Interview with Infected Mushroom
By Tyler Haruta

There are some men who will go to the ends of the multiverse… for a taco. I am such a man, and after long questing for the top-of-the-line tacqueria, the crème de la crème of carne-asada-filled comestibles, I have found the Santo Grial. This is the quintessential Mexican sandwich, a fresh hand-made tortilla, filled with pork, slow-roasted to melt-in-your mouth perfection and a full mélange of minced vegetable complements. It took years of blind trial and error with sketchy stands and hole-in-the-walls, thousands of empty Corona calories to wash away failure and many, many ruined nights on the toilet to find this fare, but these setbacks made it all the more savory. Indeed, it has been a long and strange trip, which seems altogether fitting considering it was Duvdev of Infected Mushrom who directed me to this eatery.

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