Sep 2011

EOTO Gears Up for Fall Tour

Beginning this week at the beautiful Mishawaka in Fort Collins, EOTO will be kicking off over 40 dates spanning the rest of September and the entire month of October. The band will be closing out festival season with Wonk Fest in Bellingham, WA, Blackwater Music Festival in Live Oak, FL, and Earthdance in Vallejo, CA. The end of September brings a 3-date run with Bassnectar in the Midwest, and the tour will culminate with EOTO’s annual Halloween bash in Lawrence, KS. Along the way, fans can catch shows in Montana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine, and many more. New technology is constantly being thrown into rotation, and the continued collaboration with a full-time, touring VJ is elevating the already explosive live show to a whole new level.

For those who can’t make it out to the live show, or for fans who want to dig even deeper into the EOTO universe, the band is releasing a whole slew of concert goodies. Throughout the tour, we will release weekly podcasts featuring 20 minutes of live audio, and a Q&A with Hann about gear, life on the road, and whatever else fans want to know. Additionally, check out the new Jason Hann Flip Cam series on YouTube to get an idea of the venue and check out the way the visuals were laid out during a particular show. Remember, you can relive each womp and wobble from the more than 400 live show recordings available for download. Be sure to check out the third volume in the K-Turns and U-Turns series. Spanning 4 hours and 27 cities, the 2010 tour retrospective packs in 39 seamless tracks from around the country, giving old and new fans alike a year-in-review sampler.

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